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When you have sewer pipes that need repairs and don't know where to start, turn to us.

We'll go over the basics of trenchless services and when your property needs them.


Understanding the Technology

The chances are good that you know what usually goes into sewer line repairs because you saw the work firsthand. This usually requires digging a long and wide trench through your yard and may involve a trench under your home. Trenchless repairs are easier to perform and will not do any damage to your home or lines. We use Perma-Liner and cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) methods that allow us to make most repairs in less time.

Benefits of Trenchless Repairs

One big advantage of trenchless sewer repair is that it is less invasive. Why worry about workers leaving a huge hole behind in your front yard that someone can fall into while outside? Our repairs also limit the amount of work we need to do inside your property and may not require any interior work. You'll also find that these repairs take less time to fix than traditional repairs do and that we can get the job done much faster.

Common Sewer Issues We Fix and Signs to Look for

Many locals in the Lowell and Rockingham County areas call us for broken sewer lines. These lines can break because of tree and plant roots that push through small cracks in the line. Sharp temperature changes can also affect the lines because they develop cracks as they freeze and thaw. During harsh New Hampshire and Massachusetts winters, your sewer lines can even freeze and burst.

We recommend that you call us at the first sign of any issue with your sewer lines. Common issues include raw sewage backing up in your toilet, which causes it to overflow, and sewage found in your shower/tub or around other drains. You may also find mold and mildew in different areas of your home and smell sewage. Cracks in your walls and foundation can also indicate a sewer line problem.


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At Emergency Sewer & Drain Repair, we can handle all of the sewer line problems you have right now and any that you notice later. Our talented crew includes some of the best workers in the business. We can explain the trenchless repairs that you need in a way that is easy to understand while also letting you know how long the work will take.

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