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At Emergency Sewer & Drain Repair, we field calls from people every day who need sewer line repairs and live in and around Lowell, MA, and Rockingham County, NH. Though many come to use for other trenchless repairs, we also want you to know that we offer excavation services at well. Learn more about sewer line excavation to find out when it's your best choice before you call us.

When is Excavation Needed?

Excavation is a term that refers to a process in which a crew digs up and removes a damaged sewer line. Sewer lines in both New Hampshire and Massachusetts are usually several feet below the ground. Our team will dig a small trench that doesn't do much damage to your yard but gives us access to the line. Though we usually use our hands and small tools, we may need a large machine if your lines are deeper in the ground. We can then repair a broken pipe or replace it if necessary. After fixing the line, we will then place the dirt back over the line to protect it from the elements.

Benefits of Professional Sewer Repair Excavation

This popular repair method works on issues that range from blocked and clogged lines to cracked and broken pipes. It is suitable for the main sewer line that connects your home to the city's sewer lines and other smaller lines. Through our professional services, you can also opt for solutions to repairs where trenchless methods won't work. We can even use excavation if you have large roots growing in your pipes or you have one or more collapsed pipes.

Tree Root Removal

Advantages of Excavation Over Other Repairs

Sewer excavation has many advantages over some of the other repairs you can choose. You don't need to worry about paying for a repair today and then paying for a more expensive repair later. Many people who choose cheap solutions to clogged sewer lines wind up paying a lot to replace their lines in the future.

Other advantages of choosing sewer line excavation include:

  • Our team can look for other issues that you might miss with other methods.
  • You can take care of clogs caused by roots and waste quickly.
  • Excavation can go along with other repairs to save you time.
  • You may find that your insurance policy covers the work to save you money.

Work With Our Team

You have a lot of options when it comes to sewer experts in Rockingham County and Lowell. Once you get in touch with us though, you'll find a skilled and reliable crew that believes in doing work fast and treating you with respect. Call us or fill out the form today to see if sewer line excavation is necessary for the problems you are dealing with. We look forward to working with you.

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