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We provide complete emergency sewer and drain cleaning services in Southern New Hampshire, Metro-Boston & Eastern Massachusetts.

There's never a right time when your sewer and drain pipes fail. Septic systems back up. Washing machines don't drain. Water - or sewage - floods the basement. The problems keep mounting and you need immediate help.

Trust us for reliable sewer and drain repair service 24 hours a day. Richard A. Peters has over 30 years of intense New England industry experience in residential and commercial jobs of all sizes.

Whatever the weather, we'll be here for you with our experienced sewer repair contractor team.

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We specialize in fixing problems like clogged sewer mains and branch lines, problem sump pump and more.

Tree Roots & Sewer Pipes

Tree roots are amazingly adapted to seeking out water wherever it may be. And underground sewer pipes, not surprisingly, are a delightful (to trees) conduit of the water, nutrients and oxygen that roots crave. So, how do roots penetrate your sewer pipe? The roots seek out the junctions where pipe sections are bolted together. The roots follow the trail of moisture vapors escaping from small cracks or poorly sealed joints in the sewer lines. What happens then is the roots fill the pipe with hair-like mats at the point of entry. These wads quickly become clogged with debris. Unfortunately, if roots have penetrated and cracked your sewer pipe, the problem won't go away. It's time to call in a professional.

Do you have a cracked sewer line?
Consider trenchless pipe repair and avoid the mess - and expense - of having your lawn dug up to access the affected pipe.

Sewer and Drain Cleaning Services

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  • Sewer and drain cleaning: Clogged drains and sewers are nothing to mess with. When you have excess debris in your sewer pipes, your water flow is partially or completely obstructed, causing other complications from drain and sewer blockages. We provide expert sewer and drain cleaning services using only efficient, environmentally friendly methods.

  • Trenchless sewer line repair: When you need emergency sewer line repair, we'll have you covered with our innovative trenchless sewer line repair services. Unlike traditional sewer line repair, trenchless repair doesn't require us digging up your yard to access the damaged sewer lines. With trenchless repair technology, we'll simply pinpoint the damaged portion of your sewer lines and perform fast, efficient repairs without digging up the entire line.

  • Video sewer pipe inspections: We offer diagnostic video sewer pipe inspections to help us determine the types of repairs needed in a given situation. This minimally disruptive process involves inserting a camera into the sewer pipes to help determine where to dig. Once we detect the problem using the video camera, we can accurately determine the pipe issue and set up a repair plan.

  • Exterior perimeter drain service:We offer exterior perimeter drain service for when you need it most. Sometimes exterior drains can become clogged with dirt and debris, which disrupts the regular flow of water away from your house. On occasion, the drain tiles even collapse, causing the soil around the perimeter of your house to become saturated and eventually flooding your basement. We can combat this problem in a short amount of time with repairs that last.

  • Sewage ejectorsAlso known as grinder pumps, sewage ejectors pump water that drops below the main sewer line until it can flow on gravity. Sometimes, sewage ejectors fail because they're clogged with household items or experience equipment failures from poor design. We offer emergency sewage ejector repair to solve these issues before they cause serious damage to your home, such as flooding.

  • Sump pumps: We offer sump pump emergency repair services for when you suspect that your sump pump is malfunctioning or damaged. Sump pumps collect groundwater into a small basin before it can damage a home. Used in areas where the water table is relatively high and basements are more prone to flooding, sump pumps need to be repaired immediately if a problem is detected — otherwise, the basement could flood.

  • Water jettingWhen your sewer lines become clogged, you may need professional water jetting to unclog them. We offer emergency water jetting services that work well with clogs caused by household waste accumulation and other types of debris, including tree roots. Using a high-powered hose, we can blast most clogs away in no time.

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For nearly two decades, we have been providing homeowners in Southern New Hampshire, Metro-Boston & Eastern Massachusetts and with high-quality sewer and drain repair services when they need them most. When you need emergency sewer or drainage repair services, we'll be here to answer the call with the equipment and expertise to meet virtually any pipelining need.

We're so proud of our legacy of excellent customer service and technical expertise that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee to all of our customers. The next time you need professional drain and sewer service, turn to our friendly team of experts!

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