Sewer Camera Inspection

Sewer camera inspections can reveal a variety of problems in sewer and drain pipes, such as clogs, cracks, and leaks.

Video Pipe Inspections

Sewer camera inspections can reveal a variety of problems in sewer and drain pipes, such as clogs, cracks, and leaks.

Here's the problem: It's not always easy to tell when a sewer pipe line needs to be repaired or replaced. It could be that the blockage is too far down for a plumber's snake to reach.

The only way to know for sure what needs to be done is with a video pipe inspection. The camera lets us see everything going on in your sewer pipe in great detail: clogs, tree roots, cracked pipes, burst pipes, aging pipes or more.

What a sewer camera inspection prevents is having your yard completely dug up just to find the one section of pipeline that has the damage.

Why Have a Video Pipe Inspection?

The simple answer is that it saves you time and money. By knowing exactly where the problem in your sewer or drain pipe is, you'll save on labor and materials:

  • The camera pinpoints the exact area to dig, reducing labor costs and lawn repair costs.
  • Only the specific damage in the pipeline needs repair.
  • The project is completed faster so life goes back to normal as soon as possible.

Our Sewer and Drain Pipe Inspection Process: Initial Inspection and Diagnosis

Video pipe inspections from Emergency Sewer & Drain Repair reduce the guesswork involved with identifying problem areas, snags and blockages. This process takes place near connected pipeline branches along your home's primary sewer line. Branch lines refer to all the pipes that create a network throughout sinks, showers and bathtubs while main sewage lines are located along the street.

One of our technicians will feed a camera down through indoor drains and outdoor sources to detect the blockage. After performing an analysis of the property, our experts are able to pinpoint potential damage and backups via a transmitter in the camera. The technician will walk outside with specially designed technology that communicates with the transmitter to mark the spot where the repair will take place.

Digital monitors and high-definition cameras make it possible to gauge the size of the blockage and the correct course of action. The professionals from Emergency Sewer & Drain Repair use equipment that can reach below sidewalks and even your home's foundation.

Residential and Commercial Pipe Inspection Services: Repair and Replacement

At Emergency Sewer & Drain Repair, we offer solutions to common plumbing problems without having to dig up the yard. Trenchless repairs are non-destructive and enable our technicians to conduct a repair within your current setup. You can think of Cured In Place Pipelining (CIPP) as a permanent patch that seals off openings and imperfections.

How do we go about this form of repair and replacement? We guide a flexible tube down through the broken sewage pipe until it is in place along the cracked connection. Our technicians will inflate the tube insert, and then a resin coating takes the shape of your home's sewage pipe for a long-term fix.

CIPP methods create a "pipe within a pipe" to allow water, waste and more to flow freely. Your new sewage pipe is smooth, corrosion-resistant and reinforces your system at a competitive price.

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What Happens Next

Once the video shows us where the damage is to your sewer pipe line, we'll give you an analysis of what the problem is and how to fix it.

If your sewer line is simply blocked or clogged with debris, then cleaning out the sewer line will take care of that problem. We can do this using the same access hole we used for the camera inspection. There's no worry about additional damage to your landscaping.

If there's damage to the actual pipe line, however, then we may need to create another small access point directly where the damage is located. Again, since the camera pinpointed the exact spot, disruption to your landscaping is minimized.

If your sewer line is cracked, broken, burst or rusting out, then you'll need to replace that pipe. We recommend using Perma-Liner™ CIPP - cured in place pipelining for your repair job. This Trenchless Sewer Pipe Repair system is a cost-effective and eco-friendly way to repair underground pipes.

Sewer Camera Inspection

Performing A Sewer Camera Inspection

  • We open up the sewer line and camera through a clean-out or a pulled toilet.
  • The camera is attached to a fiber optic line & inserted into the sewer pipe.
  • The camera images are transmitted to an outside monitor where we can see in real time what's going on in the sewer line.
  • Ever wonder what the inside of your sewer pipe line looks like? Come watch the video with us!

Don't guess. Find out exactly where the blockage is.

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How Do I Know When I Need Pipe Inspection and Repair?

Sometimes, the symptoms that something is wrong with a sewer and drainage system aren't always obvious. That's why it's important to know all of the common signs that you may need professional pipe inspection or repair services. If you notice any changes or anomalies in your sewer system, it's time to have it checked out before any real damage occurs on your property.

If you notice any of the following issues with your sewer, chances are, you need a professional to come in and assess what's going on by performing a video pipe inspection:

  • Your sewer drain starts to make odd noises.
  • You hear gurgling noises coming from the drains in your home.
  • A difference in water temperature and quality has come up.

Pipe Camera Inspection in New Hampshire and Massachusetts

The most common indicator of a sewage issue in your home is unusual noise coming from your sewer drain, but there can be other signs as well. It's important to be able to identify the common signs of pipe issues and call a professional immediately to ensure that your home doesn't suffer from consequential damage.

Our camera inspections utilize state-of-the-art video technology to enter even the smallest pipes and examine potential problem areas. While it may sound complicated, this process is fairly simple to complete — and it provides a much more efficient and cost-effective inspection solution than the traditional method of pipe inspection that requires time-consuming excavation.

With video pipe inspections, we introduce minimally invasive, eco-friendly methods for diagnosing pipe problems and finding an efficient and affordable repair solution. Our camera inspection technology allows us to view real-time, HD videos of the insides of sewer pipes so that we can see the exact causes of sewer pipe problems. We also encourage our customers to watch the video with us during the time of service!

Video pipe inspection is the least invasive and most effective way to figure out pipe problems and find solutions to address them. This process can be completed in one visit too, so no one wastes time, money or effort on less-than-effective methods of pipe inspection.


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A Complete List of Video Pipe Inspection Benefits

When you have sewer pipe problems, you need professional diagnostic and repair assistance immediately. Video pipe inspection allows pipelining professionals to quickly determine the cause of sewer and drainage issues without disturbing the environment. A complete list of benefits includes:

  • Accurate pipe problem assessment
  • A fast, minimally disruptive process
  • A highly cost-effective pipe problem diagnostic process
  • The ability to determine a problem and find a solution immediately
  • A video record of pipe problems for future reference
  • The ability to determine the best pipe-lining solutions if applicable

With the benefits of video pipe inspection, you can rest assured that your sewer and drainage issues will be solved within a short time frame and at an affordable price point.

Sewer Camera Inspection Services and What to Expect

Professional video inspections reveal the condition of the sewage pipes you use every day. Ignoring frequent clogs or increased water bills only prolongs your frustration, so it's critical to have our crews visit your property at the first sight of an issue. We'll illuminate pipelines with bright LEDs to spot signs of rust, deterioration and anything else that's out of the ordinary.

Even if your residential pipes are functioning properly, camera inspection services are excellent for helping you prevent future complications. Our equipment is able to bend and maneuver through tight spaces to get a close-up look at connections that would normally be impossible to reach.

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