Pipe Restoration

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Do you have a few leaks that cause you to lose several gallons of water a day or old pipes that turn your water brown? At Emergency Sewer & Drain Repair, we know that those living in New Hampshire and Massachusetts can experience many problems with their older pipes. That is why we recommend that you learn more about pipe restoration and find out when you need it.

When is Pipe Restoration Needed?

Pipe restoration is the ultimate solution to all of your pipe-related problems.  You can hire specialists to make dozens of repairs around your home and still have some issues. When you contact us, we'll talk about the issues you have and go over some of your options as well as let you know if pipe restoration is your best choice. During pipe restoration, we seal all of the leaks that we find and make other repairs to restore your pipes. While you get all of the benefits of new pipes, you don't need to spend as much money.

Pipe Restoration

Common Pipe Problems We Handle

The most common sign that you need pipe restoration is when you notice brown or red flakes in your water. Those flakes are rust that comes off your pipes and moves through the water. Pipe restoration is also a good option if you have multiple leaks that you need to take care of at the same time. We will make sure that none of your pipes leak before we mark the job as complete. You may also have loose joints that allow the pipes to move. Choosing our pipe restoration service can assure you that your pipes get the seals they need to keep them from moving.

Benefits of Prompt Pipe Restoration

Are you tired of opening your water bill and seeing the high amount due? Pipe restoration seals your pipes to prevent leaks, which will help you save on those bills. It also takes care of the corrosion that causes red and brown rust flakes to come out of your tap. Pipe restoration improves the water pressure of your home in both your showers and tubs as well as your sinks. As a bonus, it will also prevent future water damage such as cracks and stains that form as your pipes leak.

Work With Emergency Sewer & Drain Repair

Whether you live in Lowell, MA, Rockingham County, NH, or one of the surrounding towns, you'll find that winter wreaks havoc on your plumbing. Those cold temperatures can freeze your pipes and cause them to leak or burst open. Other problems can occur simply because your pipes are old. Call Emergency Sewer & Drain Repair or fill out the online form today to find out if pipe restoration is needed.

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