Pipe Descaling

Professional Pipe Descaling in Lowell, MA, and Other Areas in New England

When properly maintained, residential and commercial sewer and drain lines have the potential to last for many years. One of the steps you can take to maintain your pipes is to contact Emergency Sewer & Drain Repair about pipe descaling in Lowell, MA, as well as in New Hampshire and throughout New England. It's a cost-effective way to prevent serious and costly drain and sewer line damage.
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A Closer Look at Pipe Descaling

"Scale" is the term for caked-on or accumulated mineral deposits that form on interior pipe surfaces over time. What drain line or sewer pipe descaling does is effectively remove built-up minerals like calcium and magnesium from pipe walls. There are several ways to professionally descale residential and commercial pipes. We use the method that's appropriate and safe for the pipes that need to be descaled.

Signs You Need Pipe Descaling

Descaling cast iron sewer pipe lines is usually necessary since cast iron is especially susceptible to mineral accumulation. Therefore, one of the signs you'll likely benefit from descaling is if you have older cast iron pipes on your property. Other signs it's a good idea to contact us about pipe descaling include:

  • Recurring drain or sewer backups
  • Slow drains
  • Strong and persistent drain odors
  • Problems with multiple drains

How Pipe Descaling Works

One of the more common ways to descale pipes is with hydro jetting. What we're doing in this instance is using highly pressurized water to break up the mineral accumulation along pipe walls. Jetting comes with the added benefit of clearing away any other debris in the pipe at the same time. If a pipe is too fragile for hydro jetting, chemical descaling may be recommended. Descaling may also involve using a tool called a pipe descaler on the affected sewer or drain line.

Rely on Our Team for Descaling and Many More

We're a leading trenchless contractor that makes quality work a priority. Choose us for any of your sewer and drain needs and expect a pleasant, productive experience from start to finish coupled with:

  • Cost-effective, client-focused solutions
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  • Fair, honest service fees
  • Convenient payment options

Pipe Descaling FAQs

How often should pipe descaling be done?

It depends on the quality of your water and the type of pipes you have for your home or business. Professional descaling at least once a year can be beneficial if you have older cast iron pipes or hard water.

How long does it take to professionally descale pipes?

What applies to your situation depends on how many pipes need descaling and what method is used. Some processes usually take about an hour or so to complete.

Can pipe descaling be a DIY job?

Because of the methods commonly used for pipe decaling, it's best to have this done professionally. Professional descaling also allows the affected pipe(s) to be properly evaluated to determine the most effective way to remove scale.

What can be done to prevent scale from forming inside pipes?

If you have mineral-heavy water, using a water filtration or purification device can reduce issues with scale formation. You may also benefit from replacing older cast iron pipes if scale is a frequent problem.

What kind of pipes can be descaled?

All types of sewer and drain lines can be descaled due to the flexibility of the descaling process and how it can be done.

Why Descaling Is Important

The mineral buildup caused by scale deposits hardens in a way that allows new layers to form on top of the older ones. This often blocks or restricts the flow of water and waste inside pipes, which then contributes to an assortment of unwelcome drain and sewer issues. Our trenchless company recognizes the importance of descaling because of these benefits:

  • Minimizing issues with wear and deterioration
  • Reducing the risk of related structural damage
  • Extending pipe lifespan
  • Lowering the risk of issues with clogs and backups

We also provide a wide range of services including:


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