Pipe Coating

Pipe coating is an important part of extending sewer and drain piping's longevity.

Typically performed by professional pipelining services, pipe coating refers to the process in which sewage pipes are covered with a special epoxy or similar coating to prevent corrosion and help prevent and seal cracks.

We offer fast, high-quality pipe coating services to customers in Southern New Hampshire, Metro-Boston & Eastern Massachusetts. With more than 30 years of proven experience, our team can tackle just about any residential pipe issue you may be facing. Our dedicated pipelining professionals are well-seasoned pipe cleaning and repair veterans who know pipelining inside and out — literally.

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What Is Pipe Coating?

Pipe coating is a process of applying a protective coating to either the interior or exterior of a pipe system. It's a standard practice in many industries, but it's an often neglected step in residential sewer maintenance and repair. For underground pipes, interior pipe coating can be performed in a non-disruptive manner, and we strongly recommend that homeowners take advantage of this service — especially in areas with hard water.

The process for pipe coating on underground sewage pipes involves applying a paint-like epoxy coating to the pipes' interior surfaces. This epoxy coating isn't a temporary fix, but rather a long-term solution that keeps pipes from corroding and cracking years down the road. Our pipe coating methods typically use one access point to reach the pipes, and from there, we can complete the whole epoxy coating process quickly and carefully.

If you think you may need a pipe coating service for your home sewage system, check out the list of pipe coating benefits below to learn more about why you should consider our services.


What Are the Benefits of Pipe Coating?

Pipe coating may sound like a non-essential service, but the benefits of investing in it will save you money in the long run by sparing you from potentially devastating pipe corrosion and property damage. With pipe coating services from professionals like us, you'll receive the following major benefits:

  • Pipe coating increases your sewer pipes' longevity by preventing corrosion and minimizing other potential damage.
  • This process is minimally invasive and doesn't require us to dig up the entire pipe system in your yard.
  • Pipe coating is a fast and cost-effective way to protect pipes from damage.
  • It can also be used for both pressurized and non-pressurized pipes.

If you need a reliable, long-term solution to pipe corrosion and minor damages, pipe coating performed by an experienced professional is the way to go!

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