Industry-Leading Trenchless Services in Lowell, MA, and the Surrounding Areas

At Emergency Sewer & Drain Repair, our specialization is providing best-in-class trenchless services in Lowell, MA, and the surrounding areas. that come with many appealing benefits often preferred today. A certified Perma-Liner Installer, we're the company to turn to when you need a trenchless contractor prepared to address your sewer and drain line concerns with minimal fuss and maximum satisfaction.

Specializing in Minimally Invasive Services and More

You can rely on our trenchless company for:

Trenchless Sewer Repair

All home and business sewer lines eventually need repairing, but this doesn't have to mean costly post-project cleanup work. Experience the many benefits of zero-dig solutions with trenchless sewer repair. The results are long-lasting with trenchless repair – and it's an effective, money-saving way to address an assortment of sewer line problems.

Trenchless Pipelining

Cured-in-place piping or CIPP pipe lining is what we use to add new life to existing residential and commercial sewer and drain lines. With pipe lining, a flexible, resin-saturated tube produces a durable new coating along the inside surfaces of the affected pipe. We utilize Perma-Liner™ for best results.

CIPP Picote Brush Coating

Another reason we're a leading local trenchless company serving all of New England is the many ways we find to make minimally disruptive solutions available. This is definitely the case with CIPP Picote brush coating. It's a pipe restoration process that allows several wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant interior coats to be applied.

Drain Cleaning

It's fairly common for residential and commercial drains to be affected by gunk, grease, and an assortment of other substances and materials. If your sewer or drain lines are going down too slow, backing up, or showing other signs of needing a professional cleaning, give us a call. Our team has extensive experience safely and thoroughly cleaning all types of home and business drains.

Pipe Descaling

Pipe scale is a steady accumulation of minerals that harden against sewer and drain pipe walls. As these minerals thicken and form new layers, the path for anything inside that needs to flow through a pipe is narrowed. Hydro jetting and chemical descaling and among the techniques that can be used to remove stubborn scale from your pipes.

Hydro Jetting

When a powerful approach to cleaning out or unblocking a residential or commercial drain or sewer line is what's called for, we use hydro jetting. As long as the affected pipe is structurally stable, it's often possible to apply highly pressurized water through a hose with special attachments on it to flush out the line. Hydro jetting effectively and completely removes tree roots, scale, deeper debris within pipes, and much more.

Camera Inspection

We utilize a high-resolution camera to determine the exact location of the problem. This accurate diagnosis allows us to recommend the best course of action. By taking the guesswork out of the repair process, we assure our clients of a cost-effective solution delivered in a timely manner.

Professional Sewer Repair Excavation

Serving New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and All of New England

Make us your trusted trenchless contractor and benefit from top-notch services. We offer these and many other solutions in these areas we serve:


  • Cambridge, MA
  • Stoneham, MA
  • Topsfield, MA
  • Tewksbury, MA
  • Chelmsford, MA
  • Danvers, MA
  • Boston, MA
  • Boxford, MA
  • Newburyport, MA
  • Newton, MA
  • Peabody, MA
  • Dedham, MA
  • Dracut, MA
  • Everett, MA
  • Framingham, MA
  • Haverhill, MA
  • Lawrence, MA
  • Amesbury, MA
  • Andover, MA
  • Lowell, MA
  • Lynn, MA
  • Malden, MA
  • Medford, MA
  • Methuen, MA
  • Waltham, MA
  • Somerville, MA
  • Bedford, MA
  • Wakefield, MA
  • Reading, MA
  • Salem, MA
  • Salisbury, MA
  • Georgetown, MA
  • Gloucester, MA
  • Woburn, MA

New Hampshire

  • Candia, NH
  • Seabrook, NH
  • Stratham, NH
  • Windham, NH
  • Chester, NH
  • Concord, NH
  • Danville, NH
  • DerryExeter, NH
  • Manchester, NH
  • Merrimack, NH
  • Nashua, NH
  • Hampstead, NH
  • Hampton, NH
  • Hooksett, NH
  • Kingston, NH
  • Londonderry, NH
  • Atkinson, NH
  • Brentwood, NH
  • Newton, NH
  • Pelham, NH
  • Plaistow, NH
  • Portsmouth, NH
  • Dover, NH
  • Epping, NH
  • Salem, NH

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