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Avoid costly and unwelcome backups, clogs, and other common drain-related concerns with the Emergency Sewer & Drain Repair team. We provide drain cleaning in Lowell, MA, that achieves long-term results. Our seasoned local technicians are prepared to quickly and thoroughly address any and all drain issues.

What Is Drain Cleaning?

This refers to the act of clearing blockages and obstructions affecting drains. It also includes cleanings done for routine maintenance purposes to prevent serious drain problems from taking you by surprise later on. From using a plunger to opting for more specialized techniques, there are many ways residential and commercial drains can be cleaned. Professional drain cleaning services go beyond the common DIY methods by taking additional steps to make sure drains are cleaned safely and effectively.

Benefits of Drain Cleaning

Our team performs drain snaking and other cleaning methods with long-term results and benefits in mind. This is especially beneficial if you're experiencing serious or emergency drain issues requiring immediate assistance. Preventative cleanings are just as beneficial for both homeowners and business owners. These also reduce the risk of physical damage to your drain lines. You'll also be protecting your property from costly damage from overflows and backups.

Signs Your Drains Need Our Services

Call our drain cleaning company to schedule a professional cleaning if your drains are doing anything out of the ordinary, especially with any issues that keep coming back or getting worse. Signs often indicating your drains need to be professionally cleaned include:

  • Clogs that keep returning

  • Complete drain overflows

  • Smelly drains

  • Water or sewage around your drains

  • Drains going down too slow

  • Storm water that doesn't fully drain after a storm

We also recommend contacting us if it's been a while since you've had your drains inspected and cleaned. This can be especially beneficial if you have heavily used commercial drains or storm drains exposed to seasonal debris.


How Drain Cleaning Works

We start the home, business, and commercial drain cleaning process by using a high-resolution, waterproof camera to look inside the drain line. This is done to determine the approach to cleaning that's safe and suitable. If the blockage is minor or limited to one area, snaking is often effective. "Snaking" clears drains with a corkscrew-like attachment that breaks up debris.

Water jetting is the method often used for drains affected by shrub or tree roots. Involving the use of highly pressurized water, it's also a more thorough approach to drain cleaning that also removes pipe scale, debris further down in the line, and other materials.

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We take our reputation as the top provider of drain and sewer solutions such as trenchless sewer repair in Lowell, MA, seriously. Make us your preferred drain cleaning crew in Lowell, MA and benefit from:

  • Reasonable pricing
  • Convenient scheduling and payment options
  • Uncompromised quality
  • Timely, client-based services

Contact Emergency Sewer & Drain Repair by calling us or filling out the form to schedule an appointment. We look forward to working with you.

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